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Today we reviewed a variety of incentives and rewards our Shaklee  leaders have created to …. increase product usage among current customers and to obtain referrals as well as identifying potential business partners.  You'll hear ideas on how to get larger orders and how to help customers learn about new products.

Get out your paper and pen and be ready to take notes as there are a TON of great ideas here.  WE don't recommend that you try to implement all these at once.  Pick out one, two, or three that would have the greatest impact on your business right now.  Set those up.  Run them for a few months. Then add some more or try something different.  

Action Steps

  • Take a look at your business and determine what you want next...
  • If you want more PV... then choose a strategy and incentive to help you develop new customers and educate the current ones to use more product.
  • If you are ready to develop leaders, then choose strategies and incentives to help you meet new people with whom you can share all aspects of  Shaklee... products and business  
  • Refer to Last week's Session 9 on the Role of the Leader in Servicing Customers for specific materials to conduct New Member Appointments and Member Updates... A great strategy to achieve both objectives of increasing PV  and identifying potential business partners.


Recorded on October 29, 2015.

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Harper Guerra