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Objectives for Week Eight

As we continue to present successful strategies to help us develop our customer base and our business teams, This week we focus on 5 Day Resets and Detox.

The purpose of the strategies we have been sharigng this semester is:

  • To meet new people .. Some of whom will become lifelong customers.
  • And some who will become business partners.
  • To create a platform to introduce Shaklee products, Shaklee philosophy, Shaklee science
  • To offer safer, healthier, more natural options for restoring and maintaining health for ourselves and our families.
  • To understand how to generate new 1000 PV every month to help us grow our personal volumes and develop new Directors.

And to understand the power of events and group meetings that renew our energy & provide inspiring stories to share.

Action Steps

  • Events connect us with potential customers and business partners.
  • Larger Events provide great venues to introduce guests to the larger Shaklee family, stories and business benefits, product benefits and keep us energized and inspired.
  • Events ... Online, FaceBook, in-homes, etc are a great opportunity always to share our purpose and mission... Our stories are compelling
  • Remember every 4 events generates about 1000 PV ( about 250 PV per event .. In home or video conferencing , etc )

Every month, set goal to schedule 4 events .. Under customers when possible to meet THEIR friends and help them earn discounts on their products.


Recorded on October 18, 2016.

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