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We highlighted our March Product Collection of Shaklee 180 with tips on Sharing S180 along with some very inspiring stories. You'll also want to key in on the #'s of S180 for developing Directors, generating more PV, and earning a bigger bonus check.

This webinar continued our series of webinars on using FaceBook to develop our customer base and business teams. Learn what the most effective posts look like and how to create them and "tagging".

Thanks to Kristen Jakubowski for sharing her story and an effective reach-out method she uses.

Action Steps

  • Join FaceBook groups
  • Create posts at least once a week
  • Set goal to generate minimum 20 sponsoring points in one month to earn 1 share of Cash for Cleveland (minimum $100). 35 points earns you 2 shares!
  • Request to join Shaklee Effect FaceBook Group
  • And Shaklee Sharing FaceBook Group – use search box


Recorded on February 26th, 2015.

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