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We ended our 2015 Summer Series with a very special guest Margaret Trost, Shaklee Key Coordinator, published author and founder of the What If? Foundation.  What a terrific way to end our sessions.

Crystal Johnson and Becky Choate shared in the pre-call a dynamite idea they have been using as a Distributor Reward Program to help new distributors launch their Shaklee businesses.  Information sheets attached.

Margaret was outstanding as she shared her Shaklee journey of overcoming fear to find her purpose and her voice.   Her expressed fears were ones just about all of us can relate to.  Then she eloquently and with a touch of humor explained the 6 steps she took to overcome her fears.  Great ideas for all of us to be aware of not just for ourselves but for coaching our distributors and leaders.

Action Steps

  • Get in touch with any fears that may be lurking ... And getting in the way of our dreams and goals.
  • Review these 6 steps to see how they relate to ourselves and those we are coaching.
  • Review/Create a vision statement for our life … and our business… Make a vision board or post our visions in prominent location so we see them every day.
  • Draw our business organization … even if it has not yet manifested.  Think about it ...  Visualize it … Feel the emotions we will experience when being recognized on stage at the Shaklee Regional Conferences … And the big Global Conference.


Recorded on July 9th, 2015.

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