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Today we heard reports from Rachel Tabor, Angie Thomas, and Jenny Utrie who produced remarkable results from Shaklee’s 100 Days to Amazing Challenge, August to December 2015. These leaders shared with what enabled them to set and bold ambitious hairy audacious goals

We discussed that every one of us is capable of producing something amazing in the next 100. IF we set goals and write them down. The powerful effect of a written plan to reach those goals is critical, also, as the plan will keep us focused and on track.

What have you named your year? Listen to learn what that's all about.

Action Steps

  • Continue to identify people interested in starting Shaklee businesses.
  • Enroll them in Thursday morning 8 Weeks to Director classes beginning n 28.
  • Last week we set our goals for 2016.. Now ask where would you like your business to be by the end of March, 2016?
  • Create a WRITTEN plan of how you will reach your 100 Day Goal
  • What would you like to name your year?

For more on goal setting. See Skilling Up #8 2-25-14 12-mo Growth Plan


Recorded on January 21, 2016.

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