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Our summer series objective is to help those who are not yet directors to reach that rank with minimum of 2000 pv during this 8 week period. While enjoying summer fun, we can make it a growth time as well by preparing for a great Shaklee year. All it takes is a plan!

This introductory session was a great demonstration of the "why" to have a Shaklee business. We listened to several business leaders share what Shaklee has done for them and their families.

Ryan Guerra made powerful points of the tremendous need for additional income and the value of a home -based business for meeting all our financial responsibilities and challenges

Lisa Anderson described so well how her Shaklee business allowed her to raise her children, create an incredible lifestyle, all while making a difference.

Matt Miller discussed most people's desire for financial security/freedom and for free time. Shaklee can provide both while being a part of a company with integrity and science.

We encourage those who are not yet registered for Long Beach to do so for a life and business changing experience.

Action Steps

  • Invite guests to listen to today's session on the benefits of a home business and ask whom they may know who may want to join the summer training webinars.
  • Register for Long Beach … invite at least one other to join you. This will be a very special event.
  • Begin to identify what a Shaklee business can mean for your life. .. You will want to share that as you invite customers and business partners to join you.



Recorded on June 17th, 2014.

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Harper Guerra