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We begin this semester with gratitude....

Objectives Winter Semester 2017 -- Reaching Higher

In this Winter 2017 semester, we will focus on preparing ourselves for thinking bigger and creating an openness to possibilities that lie within each of us... Including picturing ourselves achieving the rank of Key Coordinator.

Because the Top Achievers Trip this year is to CHINA ( be still my heart ) ... and just as the Chinese have declared 2017 the “Year of the Rooster”...

Shaklee is declaring 2017 the “Year of the Key Coordinator”.

That may have jarred some of us who think of Key as out of reach, but we hope to examine that thinking and explore just what it would take to progress in our businesses by developing an organization of leaders and co-workers.

Action Steps

Let's start with the head stuff

  • Find a quiet spot (that may be the hardest part of this exercise) and write out responses to the questions Margaret reviewed. Reflect on 2016 and dream in 2017. Create goals and plans for 2017.
  • Reflect on the "Year of the Key Coordinator" and what it means for you and your goals.
  • Set aside time to visualize your goals being reached (like Francine’s example).

Now let’s put it into ACTION

  • Schedule events in January to meet new people every week and qualify for your first Power Bonus of 2017 … ( 15 sponsoring points earns $150 ! .. No limit to how many we can earn January through March.


Recorded on January 17, 2017.

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