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Today we discussed ways to get smart about how we use our time.  We covered the following points:

  • Integrating our business into our life.
  • Determining how much time  to devote to our business to  reach our goals.
  • Allocating our time to the most effective and productive activities
  • Learning how to work smart and efficiently 
  • Identifying time-suckers
  • As our businesses grow how to determine who gets our time 

Action Steps

Positioning Our Businesses for Anticipated Promotion and January 2016 Kick Off

  • We will want to close November  strong in anticipation of new promotion coming from the company.
  • To generate the majority of our December PV early in the month, set up now a Customer Appreciation promotion  for those who order by December 15...
    • such as ... free or reduced shipping
    • free product, like Vita D-3, Scour Off, Meadow Blend Bar, Herbal Blend multi-purpose cream, H Wipes, Germ-Off Wipes, etc
  • Be mindful to have conversations that connect over the holidays .. to discover needs and to build rapport and relationship. 
  • Attached is the Goals & Dreams document Harper makes reference to.


Recorded on November 19, 2015.

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Harper Guerra