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Objectives Spring Semester 2017 Keys to Coaching

As we challenge ourselves this year to reach higher and think bigger, we want to learn the skills essential for developing a strong dynamic organization of leaders.

The 2 most critical skills are:

  • Identifying and ATTRACTING business partners --- Understanding the leaders we will want to become in order to attract well-qualified leaders.
  • To learn how to coach, guide, and mentor our teams to help them grow as people even as they grow their businesses.

So for the next 8 weeks, we will make a study of people. Starting with ourselves .. And Leadership ... And the art of Coaching.

Action Steps - Begin the Process of Studying Leadership

  • Select a book, or podcast, or other resource to begin your study of leaderhip and personal development.
  • Jim Rohn says "The Difference between where you are today ... and where you will be 5 years from now ... will be found in the quality of the books you read."
  • Review or create your system for developing dozens of leaders about to come into y our organization. (How's that for big thinking!)
  • Monitor your self-talk (that will reveal your belief in your success) and revisit your vision for your organization ... How big can you see it?


Recorded on April 4, 2017.

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