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Objectives for Week Twelve

  • This month, we will focus on our December product collection for Mind, Mood and Stress
  • Issues of depression, anxiety, stress, etc… affect millions of Americans of all age groups .. With one in every 10 on an anti-depressant medications.
  • Today we will examine how diet and nutritional deficiencies affect the brain, the nervous system … and…
  • The Brain –Gut Connection

Action Steps

  • Take advantage of the two specials that Shaklee is running on the Shaklee 180 Starter kit and up to $20 off Shipping!
  • December is a great time for customer appreciation.
    • Create special offers
  • Offer special sales on Staying Healthy Thru the Holidays Collection .. (Vita C and Nutriferon)
  • Or De-frazzling the Holidays Collection (Stress Relief Complex and B Complex)
  • Get ready to set up and promote 5-Day Resets for January and more promotion of the Shaklee 180 Starter kits (available thru 1/31)
  • Offer free Vita D for referrals.


Recorded on December 6, 2016.

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