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Objectives for Week Eight

  • For the last 8 weeks we have covered what to do… the key steps involved in developing a Shaklee business.
  • We have reviewed skills – communication skills that connect us to others, inviting, servicing and following up, and best practices in reach-out methods and marketing ideas.
  • There is one last topic now to cover .. And that has to do with our thinking and the internal conversation that transpires in our heads .. Which can either support us in our work and achieving our goals .. Or sabotage us and foster fear and doubt in our abilities.
  • We asked a few of our leaders to share their thoughts about .. “ What They Know Now ..That They Wish They Had Known Then “ … back when they first began their Shaklee journey.

And Thus Your Journey Begins...

When we start on this Shaklee journey, we don’t know where it will take us...
And what it will involve... but
What we do know for certain is...
We will have an unusual future as a result.

  • You are now on the road to Director...
  • Equipped with all the basic skills
  • There is a world of need awaiting you...
  • And world of discovery you are about to learn about yourself
  • It is going to be a wonderful, exciting , frustrating, scary, challenging, delightful, thrilling ride .. Filled with life-changing, heart-warming experiences and remarkable friends and colleagues.
  • Thank you for joining us...


Recorded on March 24, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

GOWellness Shaklee Team
Harper Guerra